Celestial Lynx Cinema
"Where wonder and brilliance come together on screen"
At Celestial Lynx Cinema, we are dedicated towards telling thought-provoking and emotion packed stories. We are an independent film production company based in Buffalo and Oswego, NY that started up in 2011 and have been sharing our stories through narrative films, music videos and commercial pieces ever since. We work to bring stunning motion pictures to audiences, strive for perfection and live for adventure. We have curated a selection of our best works on this site for you to enjoy. Thanks for visiting! - Jordan Bianchi, Director and Founder of Celestial Lynx Cinema
The objective of the film festival was to create a horror film within 48 hours. The team consisted of: Christa Haley-Director, Vala Kjarval-Director of Photography, Jeff Newell-Gaffer, Jordan Bianchi-Post Production Supervisor
We had the pleasure of showing our films "Birdman", "Dreams", "Deep in the Woods" and "The Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Scene" at the 2012 Buffalo Infringement Festival. The films were screened at three different locations during the month of July.
This award is presented to a senior at Clarence High School in Clarence, NY who has demonstrated ongoing interest in media arts. The award was also presented to fellow filmmaker, Jake Herman.
This contest for SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) was to answer the following question in video form “How will emerging low-cost access to space transform both the role of government space agencies and the lives of ordinary citizens?” Bianchi and his teammates Zach and Joe Pace acquired first place through a very detailed 3 minute video about space.
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